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Witch in the Woods


The Blair Witch Project turns 25 this year and I wanted to honour that milestone with a brand new piece. "Witch in the Woods" was created for our trip to Horror Hound Weekend who hosted the cast and crew of the Blair Witch Project for it's 25th anniversary. I was lucky enough to get one of these prints into the hands of the cast and crew. Special thanks to director Eduardo Sanchez and Michael C. Williams for making our trip back into Maryland an unforgettable one.

Please find the film on blu-ray and revisit this found-footage classic.

Which in the Woods
18" x 24"
Cotton rag heavyweight paper



"Lost" and "Welcome to Burkittsville"
5" x 5" giclee art print

"Welcome to Burkittsville"
5" x 5" giclee art print

$10 each

Witch in the Woods Bundle
Poster plus two mini-prints


Ships in May