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The Prodigy green variant


The Prodigy by Gary Pullin

Limited Edition poster created with Orion Pictures and the first poster in a series of alternative prints for their upcoming genre releases.

A few words about the poster and collaborating with Orion Pictures:

"As a horror fan, I have fond memories of the Orion logo blazing across the screen and being inspired by their films and I’m beyond thrilled to be teaming up with them on some upcoming releases. It’s an exciting time for the horror genre and I think The Prodigy excels as a stand alone homage to 1970’s horror thrillers, I can’t wait for fans to see the film and to see the artwork we’ve been cooking up together."

The Prodigy by Gary Pullin
Green variant
24" x 36"
Limited to 20 copies

Printed by Seizure Palace

One per household