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The Temple Baron
By “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin
24” x 36"

Limited edition of 250
Lithograph art print
Matte Paper
Signed by Gary Pullin


After watching the film and I dove into the evidence files supplied by Welcome Villain and became obsessed with the sinister atmosphere and the nasty cult figures that inhabit the film. Anthony DiBlasi’s nightmarish remake of his own film Last Shift goes for the throat and so should my poster. Dripping with atmosphere and cultish ghouls, when the Temple Baron reveals his fleshy face, it’s an unforgettable moment. With brimstone and fire, Hell has a new king, meet the Temple Baron!

I was excited to have worked with my friends at Welcome Villain Films on a new limited edition collectible poster to coincide with the release of MALUM. I’m sacrificing a limited amount of copies for pre-order in my store. Please visit my website before they disappear into the dark!

Ships in May.